The balcony green plant is disorderly, want a few small tools only, the balcony becomes neat immediately

The balcony, it is a place that is full of dream, turn the balcony into the garden to believe is the dream of every one of us, be able to enjoy the most lovely color in nature without going out of the door, breath is fresh and the air that is taking fragrance of flowers. But terrace area is limited after all, how to put potted green plant, it is a problem, a lot of people gave up to this step.
Here's the reality

The friend that had raised flowers and plants knows, we want to design the balcony into the appearance in imagination one mind, but join ceasingly as flowers and plants, the balcony can become crowded very quickly, compare with the garden in imagination, sell the home simply show and buyer show. I was embarrassed to have a guest in my house. In fact, all you may lack is the tools.

A few small tools easily change the balcony environment

If the balcony just has a guardrail, with the help of iron frame placed plants, is also a good choice, can effectively reduce the area, look more beautiful!

Potted green plant is put at will on balcony floor, the result is disorderly, he did not see. What you need above all is a multifunctional floret to wear, this kind of small frame, be like simple, but very practical, just the size that arrives its place, can hang flowerpot, hang on guardrail, liberated the ground space of the balcony first.

Had floret to wear, balcony space instant became big

This floret is generally very strong, there is no problem hanging on the guardrail, there are three kinds of specifications, and all kinds of flowerpot specifications. Suit a few common green plants, wait for orchid of orchid of green Luo, condylum, tiger tail for instance, cactus is put go in, hang up, not be piled up at will in the place, balcony space instant becomes big.