Precautions for wintering plants in the greenhouse

With the development of economy, indoor flower cultivation has become more and more common, but everyone who has cultivated flowers knows that winter flowers need special attention. In the southern weather, some flowers can be directly wintered outdoors. In the northern regions, it is cold and the flowers are moved indoors to spend the winter. After heating, the temperature in the house is high, the humidity is low, and there is no ventilation, which is not conducive to the growth of plants. For novices who grow flowers, pay attention to these three aspects when the plants in the greenhouse pass the winter.
1. Temperature control
Generally, the temperature of heating room can reach above 15℃, which is very suitable for the growth of flowers. So don’t worry about plants getting frostbite due to low temperature, but one thing to be aware of is that don’t place them next to the radiator just to give plants where to go. The high temperature of the radiator will not only burn the leaves, but also The water in the soil of small potted plants will evaporate too quickly, and the roots of the plants will not be able to replenish water in time, and the plants will quickly become dehydrated and die, and it will also cause soil compaction.

2. the importance of moisture
Whether potted flowers need to be watered depends on the dryness and wetness of the potted soil and the technical measures taken, such as water control. It is not possible to mechanically determine a fixed watering interval for potted flowers. Generally speaking, watering should follow the principle of "Never dry or pour, pour thoroughly". Neither too dry nor frequent watering. In winter, plants are in a dormant state and require less water. When the temperature is high in the greenhouse, plants still have a small amount of activity, but they can’t cut off the water for the plants, but appropriately reduce the amount of watering. . If the water temperature is too cold, place it indoors for a period of time to keep it consistent with the room temperature, and then water the plants.

3. special matters needing attention

In the growth period of flowers, fertilizer is always inseparable, but some flowers will be dormant and semi-dormant in winter, such flowers should stop fertilizing. For flowers that grow and bloom in winter, such as Zygocactus, Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Geranium, etc., in order to promote their growth, fertilization should be based on the growth of the flowers. Since the greenhouse is relatively dry in winter, you can spray spray around plants at noon to increase the air humidity and create a warm and comfortable environment for the plants. Proper ventilation is required. A closed environment is not conducive to the growth of plants. Try to put plants in a place with sufficient light.