What effects should be paid attention to when using LED grow lights?

First, The period of supplementary light
It is best to fill the light time according to the natural growth needs of succulents and avoid 24 hours a day. For example, spring and autumn are the peak seasons for the growth of succulents. You can set the light for a longer period of time, while in winter and summer, many plants will be in a semi-dormant state, which can reduce the time of light, so that they can feel the changing laws of the seasons and adapt to the environment. Grow.

Second, the choice of growth lamp
Because there are more people raising Susu, in order to sell the growth lamp at a better price, the merchants began to add the brand corresponding to the supplement light, plus the special supplement light for Susu, this is all to increase revenue, and it is not clear about the growth light. People who want to buy it will spend a high price, it is not necessary at all, ordinary full-color fill light is very practical.

Third, the light source of the growth lamp
The wavelength of natural light available to plants is 380-740nm, of which photosynthesis is strongest by absorbing red-orange light and blue-violet light. Red light affects plant flowering, stem elongation, seed germination, etc., while blue-violet light can promote the formation of anthocyanins and other plant pigments. Therefore, when purchasing a fill light, it is necessary to know whether the light source of the fill light is mainly red-orange light or blue-violet light. If you want to make the fleshy color better, add blue-violet light to the spectrum.

Fourth, the light distance of the growth lamp
In order to make the fleshy color more beautiful, many people use the fill light for a long time. This is wrong, and when the fill light is used, the distance from the meat is at least 20 cm, so as to avoid the brightness of the light being too high and affecting the growth of plants .

Succulents generally like sunlight. Poor light sometimes affects the growth of plants. Therefore, the choice and use of growing lights are also particular.