How to plant flowers in pots

1. Prepare the soil
Before planting flowers, prepare suitable soil. It is best to use soil with strong air permeability and good drainage conditions. You can use sandy soil, ordinary garden soil and leaf mulch soil.
Mixed and formulated to provide a soft and transparent growth environment for flowers.
2. Treatment of seedlings
Before the flowers are potted, they should be trimmed and disinfected. Prepare a pair of disinfected scissors to cut off the yellow and wilted leaves and rhizomes, and then put the flower seedlings
Soak in disinfected water, and finally remove it and put it in a cool place.
3. Planting process
When planting flowers in a flower pot, you must first lay gravel or tiles on the bottom of the pot, put it in two-thirds of the soil, and then plant the seedlings in the soil, and use the remaining
The soil fills the root system and waters the flower seedlings with root water.
4. Breeding environment
When maintaining potted flowers in the later stage, place them in a place where sunlight can penetrate them, and move them indoors in summer to prevent the flowers from scorching and when the weather is hot,

Water the flower seedlings once a day to make the pot soil slightly moist

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