Home gardening tips

Planting flowers is a good way of leisure, a basin of green plants on the table, a fresh green in the vegetable field, can give a person with the enjoyment of the United States.  But how to grow strong, well-grown flowers and plants, there are also some tips.  


Step 1: Preparation If seeds, soak them in water so they absorb water and swell.  Depending on the type of seed, like wisteria, soak the seeds overnight.  Soil is generally selected as organic soil, rich in organic matter is essential for seed germination, and the total thickness of soil is no less than 15 cm.  

Step 2: Sow the prepared seed in a pot with enough soil to a depth of about 3-5 cm.  During germination, seeds need to make full use of the dry matter in the endosperm or cotyledons and need a lot of water.  So when you're done planting, soak the soil.  

Step 3: Place the planter after planting. The first factor to consider when choosing a place to place the planter is light.  Plants are divided into shade plants and sun plants. Shade plants prefer low light, while sun plants do the opposite.  Relatively convenient those who look after is the balcony in the home, the light is more moderate.  In particular, do not leave your plants in a poorly lit room for a long time.  Sunlight is delicious to plants, and electric light can alleviate the lack of sunlight, but it cannot replace it.  

The fourth step: late management in planting good, but also need to look after.  Watering is the most basic management, and most potted plant deaths are related to watering.  The proper watering frequency is once every two days, and the amount of watering should be a small amount of water leaking from the flowerpot's next drain.